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Año 2023
Editorial Panini
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MMA collectors go for a second round with the classic card brand in 2023 Donruss UFC.

Just like the 2022 debut edition, Hobby boxes have one autograph and one relic along with 60 cards that can be inserts or parallels.

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2023 Donruss UFC Base / Inserts
The base set for 2023 Donruss UFC puts top veteran fighters alongside the young talent in the Rated Rookie subset.

2023 Donruss UFC MMA Cards Checklist 2

Exclusive Holo Gold Laser (#/10) and Holo Black Laser and parallels are only in Hobby boxes.

2023 Donruss UFC MMA Cards Checklist 3

2023 Donruss UFC Base Parallels Breakdown

Holo Orange Laser
Holo Pink Laser
Press Proof Purple
Press Proof Silver
Press Proof Teal
Purple Flood
Holo Laser - #/99
Holo Purple Laser - #/99
Holo Red Laser - #/75
Holo Blue Laser - #/49
Holo 30th Anniversary - #/30
Holo Teal Laser - #/25
Holo Gold Laser - #/10
Holo Black Laser - #/1
As for the inserts, the all-new Fantasy Matchups pairs top fighters.

2023 Donruss UFC MMA Cards Checklist 4

Other new insert lines include Stare Masters and The Untouchables.

2023 Donruss UFC MMA Cards Checklist 5

Past & Present is another debut. These "super rare" cards showcase lenticular technology.

2023 Donruss UFC MMA Cards Checklist 62023 Donruss UFC MMA Cards Checklist 7

In addition, the Authority of the Octagon set moves past the fighters to highlight notable officials.

2023 Donruss UFC Autographs / Relics
As usual, there are multiple hits in the 2023 Donruss UFC checklist.

Chase rising talent in Rated Rookie Signatures.

2023 Donruss UFC MMA Cards Checklist 8

Signature Series is another place to find autographs.

2023 Donruss UFC MMA Cards Checklist 9

There are also rare Authority of the Octagon Autograph cards.

Release Date: June 9, 2023
Hobby Configuration: 30 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 10 boxes per case

2023 Donruss UFC Hobby Box Break Average
1 Autograph
1 Relic
60 Inserts/Parallels

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